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Since I was young, I have done commissions for people. It is always such an honour to be asked to create art for someone.

The Process

FIRST STAGE. You have seen my work, and you are interested in having me create art for you.  


SECOND STAGE. We talk about what you would like to have painted. Key details- size, colours, story behind the painting, general emotions that you want to have evoked by the work.


THIRD STAGE. I create a sketch for you based on what you have told me that you would like done. We work together to make any changes that help to bring forth your vision for your work


FOURTH STAGE. I begin to paint, and send you an early image to get feedback and any changes that you would like.


FIFTH STAGE. During the painting process, I show you a couple of more images as I go.


SIXTH  STAGE. I send the work to you!



I think of myself as your oskâpêyos (Cree term for “helper”).

My job is to bring forth your vision visually.

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